Frequently Asked Questions


What sort of bags should I be using?

Cotton, hemp, baskets, backpacks, cardboard boxes, your hands (especially when buying just one or two items) and cotton string bags. Anything that can be reused is a good option.

Is recycling plastic bags an option?

It is always best to refuse or reuse rather than rely on recycling. Non-renewable resources including fossil fuels are required to make plastic bags. The amount of energy required to make 12 plastic bags can power a car for 1.5km.

Curbside recycling does not accept plastic bags but Coles do have a drop off point (green bin inside supermarket) for them. Plastic bags are the fifth most littered item in Victoria, all the more reason to stop their use.

The Daylesford Transfer Station is also taking plastic bags to be recycled through the St Vinnie’s Homeless campaign where plastic bags are being recycled to make sleeping mats for the homeless

What will I use for a bin liner?

The simplest answer is to not to use one. If you compost at home you will generally have very little wet waste that needs to go in the bin. If you don’t compost, simply hose out your bin after emptying it.

How do I pick up my dog poo?

We are advocating that we make a shift to reusing what we already have to deal with dog poo. Try using newspaper, pooper scooper, other packaging that you have in the home such as bags from bread, chip packets, pasta packets…anything that stands in the way between you and the poo!

What can I use for my fruit and vegetables?

Let your vegies roam free range. If you require a barrier bag, invest in a reusable one from Boomerang Bags, Onya, ReChusable or Fruity Sacks are available at Harvest Café for $8.95 for 3 reusable bags.




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